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MAESTRO DIRECT strives to provide a fast, friendly and helpful service that gets your order dealt with as quickly as possible. Normally goods are sent the day we get the order, but at certain times delays may occur if we are extremely busy or if the product you order is out of stock.

Please contact us if you have a query or a problem regarding your order, or if there is something you want that you can’t find in the catalogue, or if you just need help choosing the best music for your needs. All Compact Discs, DVDs and Videos sold by Maestro Direct are brand new from the factory or from our suppliers, and un-played. Some CDs are cellophane wrapped at the factory, but many manufacturers do not do this. Maestro Records does not have its CDs wrapped.

All Prices Shown Include UK VAT but do not include postage until you go to checkout. If you are logged in from outside of the EU then the price displayed will be without UK VAT and not include the additional postage until you go to checkout.

Ordering And Payment

When buying from Maestro Direct, orders can be made via this website or by phone. Payment can be made by Credit Card, Debit Card or even PayPal. We do not accept American Express or Maestro on our online payment gateway.

Once you have completed your payment please be patient and wait to be informed that your order has been successful. If you close your browser too quickly it may disrupt the order process.


All CDs and DVDs are sent first class mail and are usually dispatched within 3 working days. For UK first class or airmail to inside Europe or to the rest of the world, the postage prices are listed below.

If your order is for more than ten items then the rates will revert back to the start, as we will only ship a maximum of ten items per packet.

Please note, for security reasons we cannot instruct on the outside of the packet where to leave the parcel on delivery if you are not home.

Qty 1st Class UK Airmail Europe Airmail Rest of World
1 £3.00 £5.00 £7.50
2 £6.00 £8.50 £13.00
3 £6.00 £10.50 £19.00
4 £6.00 £10.50 £19.00
5 £6.00 £12.00 £21.50
6 £6.00 £12.00 £21.50
7 £6.00 £13.50 £25.00
8 £6.00 £13.50 £25.00
9 £6.00 £13.50 £25.00
10 £6.00 £14.50 £29.00


When you purchase a ‘Download’ you will be taken directly to your download link once the payement has been processed. You can also find a link to your download in your ‘Order Confirmation’ email that will be sent to you automatically once you complete your order.

Please be patient when downloading. Due to the size of some of the files, some downloads may take a while. While your product is downloading do not close your web browser as this will disconnect from our website and your download will be incomplete and therefore not work.

Please be aware that our downloads are not directly compatible with iPads, iPhones or tablets. You can download them onto your laptop or computer, import them into iTunes and then you will be able to transfer them onto your portable device.

Copyright still exists in our downloads and they should not be shared or used publicly without being covered by a PPL Licence. If you do use our downloads for your dancing, please report usage to PPL at usage@ppluk.com


Prices shown include UK VAT (except Books, which are UK VAT exempt), which is charged on all orders to the UK mainland (excluding Guernsey and Jersey) and other countries within the EEC. Orders for CDs, DVDs and Videos to non-EEC countries will have the UK VAT taken out automatically. If you are logged in outside the EEC, all prices displayed beside the products will not include UK VAT. For more information on charges to overseas customers, or any other matter covered here, please contact us.


When you buy a CD, DVD or Video from Maestro Direct, it is important to visually check each one before you play it, and then to play it all the way through as soon as possible to make sure it is free from problems. Problems with any goods bought from us must be reported within seven days of receipt. Maestro Direct cannot swap CDs once they have been played, unless there is a fault caused at the manufacturing stage. We know it is difficult to buy CDs if you haven’t heard them first, especially if you don’t know the artist. Our website gives you the opportunity to hear clips of tracks as reference before purchasing.

Unfortunately we cannot send CDs and DVDs out on approval. The products we sell are all brand new and un-played from the factory or from our suppliers, and we do not sell second hand goods. Also, we are sure that you do not want to buy goods previously listened to and discarded by others. However, if you buy a CD or DVD by mistake and want to return it, providing it is returned un-played and exactly as you received it from us, we will exchange it for an additional handling charge of £3 per item.

Handling & Cleaning CDs & DVDs

It is important to handle Compact Discs very carefully, in order to ensure trouble free use over a long period. By handling the discs by the edges and placing your forefinger in the hole, you will avoid putting greasy finger marks on the playing surface, which is the shiny underside.

It is also important to avoid scratching the shiny underside, which can be acheived by keeping the disc in its case when not in use and by carefully inserting and removing it into and from the cd player when in use. In most instances it only takes a small mark to cause playing problems, and if it is a scratch it is there for all time. However, in many cases miss tracking is caused by removable finger marks. To remove marks of this sort, use a soft clean cloth and wipe from the centre towards the edge of the disc until all areas have been cleaned.

To remove stubborn greasy marks, warm soapy water can be used, washing, rinsing and wiping the disc as above.

PPL Licences

When you play our CDs in public, you must be covered by an appropriate public performance licence known as a PPL licence (as opposed to a PRS licence which is not the same). Maestro Direct currently operates a 10% discount scheme to holders of a PPL licence in the UK, on all full priced Dance CDs produced by Maestro Records (prefix CDTS). A PPL licence permits the public use of recorded music such as CDs and should be purchased by anyone in the UK who teaches dancing, runs a dance club, dance school, dance studio, dance festival and dance holiday where recorded music is played. This also includes usage in Community Centres, Municipal Ballrooms, Holiday Centres, Holiday Camps, Hotels and Holiday Bus Companies. It is also important to report usage of our CDs to PPL on a regular basis, as this makes sure that the artists who provide you with your kind of dance music get properly recognised and remunerated by PPL.

Licences are not expensive and can be obtained from:

PPL, 1 Upper James Street, London W1R 3HG. Tel: 020 7534 1000 Website: www.ppluk.com

If you have any problems obtaining a licence or need any help please do not hesitate to contact us at Maestro for advice.

Happy Dancing!
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