PPL Licences
Who Is Responsible For Obtaining The PPL Licence
And Letting PPL Know When You Play Our Recordings

Please be aware that if you use our CDs publicly for your dance club, dance school,
holiday, festival or practice session, then you must be covered by the correct PPL
licence.  (This Licence is not the same as a PRS Licence)  It is very important to
know that if you or your club, dance school or dance organisation hires the hall,
then you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate PPL Licence.
  This licence
is usually known as a licence for Practice and Social Dancing under Tariff 023.
If the hall or community centre organises the dance and puts in place a DJ
to play the music, then the event can be run under their PPL licence.

It is also vital to let PPL know when you play our CDs by submitting a return
to them on a regular basis, whether it is under your own licence or that of the hall.
Making a return to PPL and listing tracks from CDs you know you play ensures
that the artists whose music you use are recognised and remunerated by PPL
from the fees you pay.  It also means that the licence fees paid by you do not
end up in the pockets of the already well paid pop stars whose music you do
not use.  If this is done then Maestro and other dance record companies and
their artists can continue successfully producing the best kind of music for your
kind of dancing!  Return Forms can be obtained from Maestro for use by
post or by email. Maestro Direct will also give PPL licence holders
a 5 % discount on all Maestro CDs and recordings bought from us.

To obtain a licence, please contact PPL on 020 7534 1000, ask for Licensing
and request a PPL Licence to cover Practice And Social Dancing, which
will include Ballroom, Latin, Sequence and Old Time Dancing.  The licence
Tariff number should be PP023.  If you need any further assistance or
explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us at Maestro Records.

Please do not copy and share our cds or download tracks.
In the strictest sense it is stealing and therefore against the law.
But whatever it is, it will definately kill the future of dance music!



PPL Licence